Sunday, September 15, 2013


We said goodbye to our darling Tasha this summer. She was 9 and 1/2 years old. She was a mix of collie and retriever with some other mild mixes in there too. We noticed over the past few years that her hips were going and signs of hip dysplasia were showing. Our hearts broke because she loved nothing more than running through the bush. Unfortunately it was lymph cancer that shortened her life. She was sick for about 2-3 months, wasn't eating that much and then became very antisocial with her brother and best friend Joshua. We all knew I'd be visiting in early August and she was getting really sick the week before I returned home, I hoped she would eat some food when I visited as her and I have a special bond and I thought that would help. She was so happy to see me and even jumped up a few times. But she didn't eat, just some grass here and there.
So we did what we loved, we went for some walks. She could only walk around the block and would have to rest halfway through. She was always so excited to go for those little walks but as my visit came to an end I would find she wouldn't want to go home, she would want to sit in the park and lie down. That was really difficult as when animals are dying, they try to find a spot a bit further (but not too far) from home to rest. Cats are especially known to do this. Tasha at one point walked into a flowered area and layed down. My mom mentioned "you know what this means" and we held the tears back. We got her home and then I flew home. It was such a heartbreaking goodbye, for both her and Joshua as we had decided that the next morning Tasha would be put down. It was even more difficult because her brother Josh from the same litter (but he was part retriever and labrador) and they had been the best of friends since they were 10 months old. Tasha came to us at 10 months as her former owners didn't want her anymore, which was a blessing as they had treated her badly. Josh was a lonely dog and drove us nuts with his neediness and when Tasha appeared all of his needs were met. For Tasha, she was nervous and scared we would hit her but she had Josh to look out for and take care of, it was a perfect match. We always felt that when one dog leaves, it would probably be better if Tasha was on her own as she wouldn't be as lonely. It's so tough now to know that Josh will have a few years without his best friend. My heart breaks for him, but he will be fine.
When I showed up the poor guy wouldn't leave my side the entire visit. Tasha slept in the corner but Josh was always watching my every move and was always inches away from me as he knew his sister was sick. I've decided to go home for a few extra days this Christmas mainly for him as he is going to get lots and lots of walks with me. It'll be hard but I can't wait to hug his big head. Lots of people say when some dogs die they can't have another one for years and years. There are just so many puppies out there, and although Josh lives far away and with my parents, I know I'll have my own dog after he goes. There is just so much love and there are so many unique dogs out there. I know my own little guy is right around the corner and we are going to have a blast, even if it's only for a short time.

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