Sunday, September 15, 2013

Signs that you are at your mom's

Home for the summer holiday. I seem to catch myself doing odd things, such as eating brown sugar off a spoon, buying kraft dinner, putting on my 'give the dogs an outdoor bath' outfit - realising I need to finish a few errands and not changing out of the dog bathing outfit before heading out. I'm only wearing mascara, not doing my hair, waking up and eating a cup and a half of garden raspberries because that sounds great and I'll deal with the digestive consequences later. And finally I went to Wolverine with my dad and actually liked it. Life is simple in their in a small town, kind of miss it. I crave Harry Potter almost all the time and with all this time on my hands I've re-opened my Pottermore account. Oh what fun! I love reading the extra bits that J.K Rowling has written about her characters and I really love completing all the levels to the fullest. I was late on the Harry Potter craze but I am a full fledged fan. The only part I'm procrastinating on is the book in French, it's just so much faster to read in English ;-) Yay, a fan who tries two languages! It's been a nice visit but a tough one. I have to say goodbye to my darling puppy. My dad brought her home when she was over a year old but her first year wasn't that great. She grew into a loving a loyal dog but her final days are stricken with cancer. She still has some time left and I'm just so happy I get to spend one more visit with her. She taught me so much about companionship and I can't wait to adopt another dog in the future. This is going to be one of the toughest goodbyes. It's been a long time since I've been on here, I've made a new boy best friend and almost all of my time is spent with him. I haven't been up to many crafts as I've been riding my bike and becoming comfortable at my new job. I'm trying though, trying to get some charity gifts done, it's just so tough with Harry Potter's lego video game calling my name. Haha. This post has no pictures due to my computer dying during a thunderstorm at my moms :-(

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