Friday, September 12, 2014


Do you think it needs more pins?

The quilt is done, the quilt is done!   Unfortunately it wasn’t a triumphant moment as there were so many weeks ahead of it that I thought it would be finished by.  As soon as I did the last stitch, I let out a dull whatever and folded it into a large bag.  I didn’t tweet it, or Instagram it or even text the bride that it was done.  It’s done and ready to go to it’s new home so I’m happy.


What’s great about it being done is that I was able to re-arrange our living area a bit.  The dining room table had turned into the quilt display table and my desk area was a mess.  There was a record player, step ladder and other items in the way and it was difficult for me to craft in that area.  Now it’s organised (just need a shelf for a few items on the side) and I should no longer be using the dining table to sew while watching Netflix.  And we can now eat at the dining table on a regular basis.

Now that my sewing area is set up (I have moved 3 times in the past 5 years I think – and this is the first place in 5 years that has enough room for me to sew!) I have been much more interested in sewing instead of knitting.  It’s partly due to the lack of quality clothing produced today and also due to the abundance of options.  Maybe I’m just getting  old, but I’m looking for more classic fits instead of in style right now and I’m not interested in spending hours trying to find them in stores.  Yes, making these items will take hours and they may not fit exactly right, but I’m excited for it.  The more I do the better I will get at finding the right patterns and material.  My patterns are here, first off is the Belcarra blouse!