Friday, August 17, 2012

Odds and Ends

The last thing I wanted to work on during the summer months were these slippers, but Vancouver gets cold in the evenings and I knew come September I would be regretting the wait. A girlfriend gave me these wool and sheepskin slippers a few years back when she accidentally shrunk them in the wash. They are the best slippers ever, but I haven't been the nicest to them. The bottoms were just black from dirt and I knew it was time to replace them. I found basic sheepskin slipper bottoms at Michaels and removed the old ones. It was a lot of work, but I did it. I strung a bright colour of wool through the stitches that would be attached to the new bottoms. This would stop the tops from fraying and it would be a good eye marker for myself. I matched up where it looked like the half marks would be and then counted to make sure I was correct and then I started stitching the two together.

In this situation you need to pull each stitch as tight as you can each time, there is no chance to go back and pull them. Both the wool and sheepskin are just too thick to deal with.

I did my start and finish at the end so that the closure would be easy to deal with. I also kept the coloured yarn in just in case something happens and I have to go back in and fix it. These puppies should last me another 3-5 years, I just need to be a little more gentle with them so they don't look so worn out.
And there we go, new slippers! They look a little funny at the moment but once I get walking around in them the wool and sheepskin will stretch out together.

Also, here is another picture (a much better representation) of the quilted coasters from last week.

Hehee, I need to stop being lazy by taking pictures with my iphone, the quality shows!

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