Friday, August 24, 2012

Is this goodbye?

My parents are trying to sell their house and move from the Kootenays to the Okanagan.  There are so many positive points but the only negative is that I'll lose pretty much all ties to the area that I grew up in.  This may have been my last visit to that area with it's small towns, beautiful mountains, high altitude, clean air and few jobs ;-)  It was very sad to leave, felt like I wouldn't see my parents or dogs again which is so silly because I see them every 4 months.  So here are some memories of the town I'll never live in.

My mom and I went to the farmers market conveniently located a block from their house.  It was less than a block long and most of the product hasn't changed in the past decade but it was comforting to see, such as the old man in his Wrangler jeans selling the salad spoons and forks that he carves out of wood, I could have sworn I took a picture of him.  These cupcakes (whose company name is something I never even thought of getting) were amazing.  There were traditional cupcakes, some were gluten free and I picked up a pack of the sugar free chocolate and the vegan coconut lime.  And I LOVE the litte egg cartons to pack them.  Made it easy to transport them and they were really cute for serving.

Of course the puppies and I went on many walks in the bush.  It has been great spending quality time with them over the years, building a trust and respect with animals is such an amazing feeling.  Tasha, the smaller dog with the tanned face, and I grew even closer on this trip.  Poor puppy was abused before she came into our home and it's taken her years to trust people.  I'm so proud to have helped her accomplish so much and because of this I am her favorite person, she never leaves my side.  I've taught her to no longer start fights with unknown dogs and she even lets the odd person pet her on the trails.  I don't know if I'll ever connect with another dog the way I connect with her, there is so much loyalty, trust and love.  And now to find new trails to explore outside of a new city when my parents finally move!

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