Sunday, August 3, 2014

Driving Mr. Doggy

Mr. H and I recently joined modo car sharing.  Neither of us ever wants to own a car for many reasons that I won't get into.  This adorable beast came into our lives though, and what does this beast love as much as food?  Off leash walks in the bush.  Shame we live just outside of downtown Vancouver and there is only one off leash area within a few kilometers of our home.   If Josh were under 20lbs, I would sneak him onto busses or put him in my back pack and ride to the beach, but 95lbs is difficult to hide and impossible to carry.

A few weeks ago we headed up to Cypress Falls in West Vancouver.  An off leash, quiet trail.  It was a cool day and Josh had a blast.  The trail is short but all three of us were tired from it.  I highly recommend it for dog owners, quiet, tons of shade but if your dog is a water lover like ours, keep your eyes on them and for access points to the creek.  There are lots of steep drop offs and Josh almost took a serious tumble trying to get a swim in.

Tomorrow, we are off to Macdonald beach near the airport.  Another dog friendly area with great reviews!  It'll be a sunny, hot day and Josh will appreciate every moment of it.

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