Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year

The new year is almost here!  New projects, new job (when I get one), recently single so I can look for a new boyfriend, and a new gym, brand new fancy gym in downtown Vancouver that looks out onto the water and towards North Vancouver.  I'll get a picture of it when I go there in the daytime.  I finished my classes at the beginning of the month, had Christmas events to go to, then flight prices went down so I was able to get an affordable flight to my parents, and I go home tomorrow and get all this newness to myself.
Do these heels (that I won at a female adult secret santa party) make my head look big? No, well, they still aren't enough to have me eye-to-eye with my bestie.
Some shots near my parents and mittens I've been working on. My belated gift to lower income families of Vancouver. Found this lovely organisation here and will be dropping them off about 10 pairs to a school in January. In other quick new NEWS, I will be selling some of my knitted items. Still not sure how I'll do it, right now it's order it and I'll make it, but I'm hoping to have it well organised for next winter. Have a happy new year, y'all.

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