Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer has arrived...

And I am oh so late on everything. I'm behind on updating and I'm going to start making notes of when to keep on top of this. This is suppose to be my quick and easy diary to look back on, so no more excuses.

Just a few pictures I found on my phone (the rest are on my computer at home and there is so much editing that needs to be done before I can post). I don't have a lot of excuses as to why I haven't posted in a while, I haven't been feeling as creative lately which is bull as I always seem to be doing something. I think it's because I've been transitioning into sewing from knitting and needed to get a little bit more comfortable with the change in fabric. I have my next sewing projects lined up and I'm grabbing the fabric this weekend!

There has been a lot of out of town trips, a little bit of recovery from a bike accident :-( which made me a bit scared of bikes and changed this entire summer. It was suppose to be one of my most active summers yet while training for a biking event but landing on my hip had me barely walking for a week and now I'm just getting my groove back with riding. Next year will be the year!

So for now I need to work on regular blogging, regular hobbies and if I have to I'll have to buy a calendar to remind me what to work on next :-)

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