Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have had over 30 Valentine's days and only 2 were spent with a special someone and I didn't properly celebrate them because I don't really like Valentine's. It's not that I have a sour view towards it, I just don't like the commercial market machine behind it. I love the idea of Valentine's and love it even more when couples just spend time together doing something they love, but I do feel bad for those who take it personally and get upset during this time of the year.

Besides all that, I received what every girl wants.
I entered a giveaway this weekend at my bank and they gave me this gorgeous bouquet last night. It's incredibly beautiful and thankfully I have 2 lovely roomies to share it with.

I really really really really wanted to wear my red pants today as it's been a few weeks, but stopped myself at the last minute remembering what day it was. I didn't want to be That Girl that is too excited for Valentines. So I wore my new burnt orange cardie instead. Oh, and got to work with a valentine's chocolate waiting for me.

And to top off the day I get to spend tonight with my bestie at the gym. Yay, even though I'm a single old lady ;-) I'm really enjoying this year.

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