Friday, December 2, 2011


It has taken over 30 years, but I have discovered that I too, have healthy strong nails. I was struck with a picking and biting my nails curse from a very very young age but I never went to the point of almost biting them entirely off. I just never left them alone and therefore they were always a bit short, always have a piece that needed to be cut and were weak from me always going after them. Nothing stopped me, even wearing coloured nail polish still had me at them when there was no polish on......until a year ago, when I moved in with a stranger who told me I just had to leave them alone, and in the process she became a great friend who has fabulous nails. She saw my minor habits, spoke up about it and I stopped touching them and I can't believe it but I have strong nails that don't break or split or need to be worried about. They look fantastic and are getting stronger by the day. I'm very proud of myself and my tiny child like hands have never looked more feminine!

In addition, I have been painting my nails for years and have become quite good at it. Going for a manicure would be a waste of money with my quick technique and wholesale deals. So I have started to experiment with all of the cool looks out there. I've already tried the reverse manicure that didn't go so well but thanks to Refinery 29 I was given some tips and now have a nail pen. Here is the Chevron which I liked a lot but I think it still needs work.

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